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Balu Sadalge

City of Origin: Belgaum, Karnataka

Born to Art: 1974

While in the final year of his Master degree from Government Fine Arts College, Dharwad in Karnataka, Balu learnt about the magnanimous world of Art. Born into an agricultural household, “Art was a result of chance,” he says. He started his career as a gallery assistant in Delhi, where he also happened to sell his paintings.

Balu’s artworks are a translation of what he sees — the innocence, beauty, unique features, shapes and colours. He seamlessly explores the simplicity of what is, is. His artwork is a representation of a more approachable landscape.

Your practice is inspired by…

It’s the visual world around us. I believe it’s so beautiful by itself. Having said that, as humans we have all been given the gift of creativity and somewhere we place objects in the form of temples, forts and a whole architectural landscape to enhance this visual treat. And, I find my inspiration in this amalgamation of natural and manmade beauty.

Your take on colours…

Colours are nothing but blessings from God. It is the source of inspiration, happiness and joy. When it comes to my paintings, the distribution of hard and light colour tones helps me to create a perfect illusion and highlight the division of space. Further, my work is largely about India and its landscapes, which I understand is myriad shades of colours that move along in variations of dark and light. I love to capture this colour play in paintings. I like to see how the sequence of dark to light, soft to stark hues, warm and cool colours come together.

A word on art

For me the essence of existence is art. I believe my art is a gift of God, and I have been honouring this since my childhood. Even though, my family had nothing to do with Art, I kept pursuing it no matter what. Art brings joy, peace and beauty in my life.

Shows and Recognition:

Balu has been part of many Solo and Group exhibitions in India. He has also conducted Art Camps and is the recipient of Mysore Dasara Award, Karnataka