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Falguni Mehta

State of Origin: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Born to Art: 1971

Experience: 25 years; including teaching, hosting workshops on self expression in India and overseas and exhibiting art as part of thematic-based group and solo shows 

Falguni Mehta paints with a nod to happiness. Indistinct forms of nature, pleasing colours and zen-like geometric patterns resonate through her compositions. Reaching a realm of higher consciousness, instinct and ease, Falguni has been told repeatedly that her paintings depicts joy. In her latest yoga series, along with peace, Falguni brings the sense of oneness as you find a representation of your inner self hidden within.

Your practice as an artist is inspired by…

I have been practicing art since childhood. It has helped me find true joy. And, it’s this celebration of art through multiple forms and nature is what keeps me going as an artist. This experience has further enhanced by my learnings and experience with nature. I try to express the beauty I see around me through my share of colours and mediums.

Art is a form of…

Art is like meditation. I can’t imagine a day without art. Over the years, I have found art through various mediums; including acrylics, watercolours, pen and ink, oil and mixed media textures such as wood and glass. Practicing on each medium has helped me form a deeper connect with art. It keeps me in my fantasy world; while giving me the stage to express this world with people.

My style; my art

I practice an art form based on Cubism. These geometric patterns play an important role in my self-expression and commissioned work.