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Girish Gharat

State of Origin: Maharashtra, India

Born to Art: 1982

His art patrons: Girish Gharat’s artwork is well received by well-known individuals and art houses in India, UK, Dubai, Canada, US and Holland. Some of the names include Bollywood director, Ashutosh Gowarikar and well-known restaurateur, Vikramjit Roy

There is a certain stillness to Girish Gharat’s work, both in the calmness of the figures as well as its expressive play of colours. Girish’s work represents his love for the Higher Power and the emotions that lie within. Interestingly, in his series of ‘Boundless Love’ (as he describes his work) there is no promise to depict reality – it is merely a creative expression of what that love means to him.

What is Boundless Love?

It is my devotion towards my art, my passion and the Higher Power. It is a play of my expressions and creative idea on canvas. As a child, I would paint pretty much on any blank surface I could lay my hands on, including scrap papers, walls and so on. Along with art, I was also drawn towards spirituality. I have grown up listening to stories of Meerabai, Lord Krishna and their eternal tale of love and devotion. These stories have been my biggest influencers.

What would you say is your biggest blessing?

I am really lucky to get the blessings of Shri Sadhguru, and I dedicate my work to him with all my sincerity. I am also thankful for the constant support from my parent. I am in gratitude of the morals and the confidence they have imbibed in me. Lastly, I owe my work to the multiple experiences that life has to offer – I find inspiration in many things around me.

Describe your style of work…

I constantly experiment with materials and textures in my painting. And, in terms of colours, I play with a combination of blue, green, red, brown and yellow. Further, amongst all the mediums acrylic is one of my favourites.