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Rakhi Baid

State of Origin: Rajgangpur, Odisha, India

Born to Art: 1971

There is an unsaid power of Love, both in the gaze of lord Krishna and the expressive use of colours. It’s as if everything comes together in a fleeting moment to move us into the unknown. A self-taught artist, Rakhi Baid believes Art itself is the greatest teacher – I trained myself while teaching Art. Rakhi practices Art across mediums — oil, acrylic, charcoal and water colour. She likes to play with a mix of medium to suit the mood and meaning of her painting.

Tells us about your journey as an artist

Since childhood, I was pulled towards art and craft. However, then I had no idea that I would take up art professionally. But, life had plans for me. I grew up in a conservative family in a small town in Odisha, where professional art wasn’t seen as a career. It’s only after marriage that I slowly started practicing art professionally. It all started with teaching art to kids in my locality. From art classes at home, today I run an Art school in partnership. I owe this all to my family, my husband, my friends and my mentor, who constantly guided and supported me along with way. And, above all it’s the power of lord Krishna.

What is the importance of lord Krishna’s presence in your life?

Krishna is my inspiration. He is the symbol of eternal love. Krishna gives me the strength to go through the flow of life with ease and love. I see the world through his eyes. Krishna embodies so many moods — love, innocence, peace, healing and harmony. I wish to capture every feeling and emotion that we go through from within our hearts, where Krishna resides.

What does Art mean to you?

Art is my way of expression. I have been practicing art for myself since I was a child. Art has given me a way to break free from all the moulds of life.  For my first exhibition, I saw myself drawing a woman breaking away from the many roles of life with the help of Krishna. This was my way of expressing how my life had come a long from the by lanes of a small town to exhibiting in a big metro city.  Art allows me to bring the truth of life on paper. And, the colours just make it real.