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Sai Anand

State of Origin: Solapur, Maharashtra, India

Born to Art: 1980

The colourful world of Hindi films and all things Bollywood is what led Sai Anand to art. He spent a large part of his childhood watching larger than life film posters brought to life on canvas. Today, after years of self-practice and a government diploma in Art, Sai Anand creates the same magic of expressing people’s story on canvas, but in a play of charcoal.

Define your style of art…

I am a spontaneous artist. I like to play with rapid and bold strokes. I want my art to represent freedom, positive energy and power. That’s why you’ll see a lot of my paintings being inspired by horses – their power and resilience. I also sketch tribal women – they, too, symbolise power. Creating a matriarchal world, the Indian tribal women have always led the family, which is so inspiring.

What does art mean to you…

I cannot imagine a day without art. It is the only thing that gives meaning to my life. For me, art is spontaneous, and also a way of expression. It’s simply the way of being. I believe all of us, in some way or the other draw inspiration from art – whether its appreciating colours of nature or good things around us.

Your inspiration…

In addition to horses and tribal women, I draw inspiration from people and life around me. I have grown up in a humble family of mill workers. Since childhood, I have seen my family draw happiness from small things and everyday activities – this simplicity of life inspires me. Also, I have learnt a lot from numerous jobs that I have taken along to sustain as an artist. Each job has inspired me to get better at my art and delve further into my passion.

Awards and Recognition:

1997: Maharashtra Govt. Best Portrait Painting Award

1994: Camlin Award for Best Painting