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Satish Mane

State of Origin: Sangli, Maharashtra, India

Born to Art: 1984

A student of Sir J.J. Institute of Art in Mumbai, Satish Mane has the ability to make you look at nature with a whole new perspective. Nature is forever rummaging through unpredictability and changes. And, Satish’s take on nature calmly lures us to consider these changes that occur over time. His paintings reflect endless compositions that makes you want to dive deep into the flow of subtle yet striking colours.

Define your style of art

My work is largely influenced by nature.  As an artist, I constantly strive to do justice to the beauty of nature – its changing seasons, colours and moods. I also like to bring out the burst of colours in the form of flowers, fruits and leaves on to my canvas. For this, I usually follow the technique of pointillism – dotted colour application on canvas. This technique not only helps me to do justice to the works of nature, but also gives me more time to delve further into its magical world.

 Is there any one element of nature that’s absolutely close to your heart?

I am absolutely enamoured by the phenomenon of Greeshma — the spring season. I think it is the most beautiful season and is very close to my heart. The colours of spring are deep, clear and bold. This season not only brings a ray of new hope every year, it also gives you a glimpse of how beautiful life can be.

What does art mean to you?

Art for me is a conversation. It’s a conversation between the artists and the one who appreciates beauty – the ultimate viewer. Art is private, and everyone has their own take on art; and that’s what makes it so alluring.

Shows and Exhibitions (Group and Solo):

Kamalnayan Bajaj Art Gallery, Mumbai

Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai

Nehru Centre Art Gallery, Mumbai; and more