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Sharad Kale

State of Origin: Maharashtra, India

Born to Art: 1976

Sharad Kale creates a collage of mixed media. Turning colours into alluring compositions that build a dialogue with his thoughts, people and shapes, Sharad portrays kaleidoscopic patterns giving depth to each form.

Your practice is inspired by…

I am a student of Raheja School of Art, Mumbai. While in school, I was exposed to different mediums, which gave me a good base to develop my own style. I started by working on creating Impressions of artists. Now, I have finally started creating artworks in Charcoal. I am inspired by this medium. It allows me to capture realistic and abstract style in one creation.

Your take on colours…

I like the simplicity of primary colours – red, yellow and blue. And, of course there is black and white, which is so mysterious, yet, very communicative.

A word on art…

Art is an evolving process. There is no definite form to art – it changes, as you change. When I start to paint, I am usually as blank as my canvas. I don’t plan my artwork; I go with flow of my colours and art strokes until I stop to make that final signature.

In my journey as an artist, I am grateful to have met teachers who have helped me grow at various stages in life. And, now as an art teacher, I try to instil this free flow of art in my students.

Awards and Recognition:

1999: Best Composition in Raheja School of Art

1999:  Best Academic Work Camlin Ltd 

1995/96:  Annual Exhibition Award for Portrait